Editorial Writer

Good contents stand out from the crowd

The World Wide Web Foundation founded by Tim Berner-Lee estimated the number of websites currently activated on the network at over one billion. Groups, medium-sized companies, organisations, owners of service enterprises and private individuals present their ideas on the Internet hoping to receive feedback, acquire customers or simply gain recognition. In addition to an appealing and user-friendly homepage, those wanting to stand out from the crowd in the long run mainly need one thing: content.

Inspire visitors and leave search engines with no choice

To date I have created more than 2,370 web content texts for my customers, which all pursued one objective: to impress the readers and thus the visitors of my customers’ websites, and to reliably attract search engines to the sites. Lead stories and headliners attract the visitors’ attention, but only sound and meaningful product and service descriptions can really convince potential customers. Good texts that are tailored to the Internet as a medium and meet the readers’ requirements are what makes a website successful. Readers want to be more informed and satisfied after reading your content. The Internet has to offer texts that are easy to read on-screen and achieve top search engine rankings. Composing these texts is part of my job.

Unique texts for your website

  • Composing product descriptions and company presentations (unique content)
  • Editorial writing for your website
  • Developing suitable headlines for your online texts
  • Compiling meta tag titles and descriptions to facilitate search engine optimisation
  • Editing and proofreading of German texts with flawless style and orthography

(Texttorpedo offers this service in the German language only.)

First the research – then the presentation

Company brochures, professional articles or mailings sell an idea, a service or a product. The texts must be realistic and point readers into the desired direction. My writing is governed by two principles:
I don’t compose any text until I have thoroughly familiarised myself with the subject area in question
, and I only release the text once it fulfils all requirements and really convinces the customer.

Texttorpedo’s know-how as an editorial writer

On more than 2000 websites, for which Texttorpedo has written the texts, the visitor can find out about the offers or concerns of the website provider. Texttorpedo sees himself as an editorial writer, and clearly distances himself from journalists, authors and copywriters. A fine feel for the language, the study of the standard works for writers and last but not least the customer feedback define Texttorpedo’s know-how as an editorial writer. Standards for writers are the widely acclaimed “Hamburger Richtlinien” as well as the well-established standard handbooks by Wolf Schneider and Hans-Peter Förster.

Editing and Proofreading

Many authors who have composed texts themselves or experts who don’t want to delegate the creation of technical texts would like someone to take a final, well-trained look at their text documents in order to eliminate stylistic and orthographic errors prior to their publication. When editing and proofreading documents, Texttorpedo applies the principle of only carrying out stylistic changes for plausible reasons and after consulting with the client. Texttorpedo adheres to the grammar rules that have been published in the 25th edition of the German dictionary “Duden”.

(Texttorpedo offers this service in the German language only.)


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