A concept of practical origins

Texttorpedo was founded in November 2009 with the purpose of combining the text creation, translation and print production know-how acquired in in-house positions to a strong service portfolio.

Carsten Malchow’s professional career began when he graduated from the University of Hildesheim as a specialist translator. After having completed several freelance translation projects, he joined Düsseldorf-based specialist translation company Oettingen to handle their technical translations in the fields of machine tools and office communications.

Having relocated to Hanover, he joined the publishing industry and was jointly responsible for the layout and final review of the high-circulation PC magazines "c’t" and "iX" at Heinze Heise Publishing. He experienced the start-up phase of the Internet at "heise online", a successful Internet portal.

After relocating again, he joined a legal publishing company in Berlin to oversee the production of a professional journal and other print products in the fields of occupational safety and occupational medicine.

Since 2008 Carsten Malchow has also been extending his skills as a voiceover artist with great passion on an ongoing basis. Having undergone a sound and practically relevant vocational training he is ideally prepared for dubbing functional and entertaining texts which really reach their target group.

The focus of his occupation, however, remains on the translation of technical texts from English and French into German. For companies and private customers Texttorpedo provides a wide range of services to create, translate and present accurate text content tailored to each target group. Texttorpedo develops continuously – for his customers!


Take a look at some solutions implemented by Texttorpedo: