Utilize your customer benefits!

Your benefit when co-operating with Texttorpedo

  • Time and cost savings through first-rate teleworking.
  • Texttorpedo translates your English documents into German.
  • Technical expertise in energy technology, electrical engineering/electronics, consumer electronics.
  • Your service provider undergoes further training geared towards your requirements.
  • Texttorpedo adjusts his technical equipment to your needs.
  • You will receive individual customer-specific texts (unique content).
  • On request, Texttorpedo creates the design for your contents until they are print-ready (DTP).
  • If required, you will receive a congenial audio version for e-learning documents and tutorials.
  • You will receive your chosen service package from a single source.
  • You can contact your service provider at any time and clarify all questions immediately.
  • Texttorpedo develops continuously – for his customers!

1. Outsourcing and teleworking as an opportunity for your company

The increased need for documentation resulting from international and EU-law, requires translation of technical, advertising and general texts in the film and print sector in order to appeal to every target group, irrespective of their native language. Companies who outsource tasks save office space and staff costs while teleworking means duties can be allocated more flexibly. Texttorpedo picks up this trend and carries out tasks for customers as a “tele service provider” in his home office.

2. Competent translations of foreign-language documents into German


I provide reliable translations of English and French advertising material and documentation into German. Manuals, maintenance manuals, specialist texts from the areas energy technology, electrical engineering/electronics and consumer electronics as well as company brochures and web content are adapted professionally for your target audience. In the process, I consistently use your company’s specific terminology. In order to ensure the terminology maintenance and quality demands Texttorpedo uses the TM system SDL Trados Studio 2017 including the terminology database SDL MuliTerm 2017.

3. Foreign language competence

intermedia presentation

As a native German-speaker, in addition to the technical subjects, I studied the languages English and French while I was studying for my degree as specialist translator (BDÜ). I keep myself up-to-date in both working languages by reading daily newspapers in both languages every day, as well as by studying English and French specialist literature in the areas of electrical engineering and energy technology. However, I only translate into German. Thereby, I adhere strictly to the native-speaker principle.

4. Specialisation and further training to meet customer requirements


Professional translations and the creation of technical texts increasingly require the service provider to have thorough specialist knowledge. So far I have been able to gather extensive experience in the specialist areas of office electrical engineering/electronics, consumer electronics and particularly energy technology. When cooperating with a customer on a long-term basis, I am always happy to acquaint myself with additional subject areas. When it comes to my technical equipment, I can also flexibly adapt to my customers’ requirements. Texttorpedo makes use of the generous exchange of information offered by the professional organisations in order to always keep the state of the art.

5. Proofreading and editing


Texttorpedo can be relied on when searching any self-composed or translated text for spelling and punctuation errors. Inconsistencies in special characters and typographical errors are also always picked up by Texttorpedo. The reliable standard work “Detailtypografie” by Forssmann/de Jong serves as a reference in this regard. Texttorpedo adheres to the grammar rules that have been published in the 25th edition of the German dictionary “Duden”. As part of editing, your service provider can detect stylistic problems within a text and correct these. On request, Texttorpedo also performs correction of galleys in print products. His long-term publication experience is an advantage herein. (Texttorpedo offers this service in the German language only.)

6. Customer-focused text creation

text creation

I create texts for my customers that are tailored precisely to their specific target group. I prepare all texts for online and print media as well as presentations. I put together the contents, thoroughly research and reliably verify them. A plausibly structured and fluent text can increase the intended influence on your customer. The quality of its texts defines a company’s image – professional texts always create added value. In general, a fresh pair of eyes from the outside facilitates the structuring of the contents as well as the comprehensibility and the effect of the contents. (Texttorpedo offers this service in the German language only.)

7. Desktop publishing: Professional presentation of your contents

intermedia presentation

On request, my customers receive more than just unformatted target texts. I also integrate all contents into customer-specific style sheets using the leading layout programme InDesign CS 5.5. I also have access to the Office Suite 2010 for this purpose. I have acquired the practical know-how as a DPT-layout specialist throughout 12 years of publication work, during which my responsibilities included layout and final editing of professional magazines. In a perfect scenario, Texttorpedo takes care of the entire production array of print and web products, from contract analysis right up to translation of a text or copywriting ready for publishing. You can also entrust the entire production of your customer- or company magazines with Adobe InDesign to Texttorpedo.

8. Voiceover: Creation of sound recordings of documents


A special service provided by Texttorpedo is the creation of sound recordings of documents. Listening texts are in fashion, and audio versions of entertaining and increasingly of instructional texts are also becoming more and more important. I record spoken versions of the texts and post-process them technologically in my own recording studio. A customer-friendly presentation of contents is a distinct advantage over your competitors. Utility films, e-learning documents and tutorials can greatly influence the public image or the perception of a company by target groups. A believable and congenial voice reciting the voiceover is a prerequisite for the film’s success. (Texttorpedo offers this service in the German language only.)

9. Transparent pricing for simpler calculations


Texttorpedo’s pricing is in line with the market conventions. Texts created by the service provider are calculated on a per word rate or a flat rate per page. The costs of a new translation are derived from the number of standard lines or the number of words of the source text. The services editing, proofreading and layout creation are billed on an hourly basis. The costs for voice over services are largely dependent on the individual project and the distribution of the voice recordings. Therefore, I will comply with the established pay scale of the Association for German Speakers e.V. (VDS). In general, Texttorpedo is able to offer a fair flat rate for large-scale projects. Just send an inquiry via email!


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